1) What is zero TDS water?

TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. Zero TDS water is water that contains no dissolved solids, especially in the form of minerals. Using zero TDS water to dilute the Truth Serum concentrate is the only way to ensure the correct mineral composition of the resulting brew water.

2) What types of zero TDS water are there?

  • Distilled - Zero TDS, but with altered gas composition. Lots of variation between brands, so try many. Find at most grocery stores.
  • Deionized (DI) - Zero TDS, with natural gases left intact. Ideal. A low barrier to entry option for DI water is a deionization pitcher like Zero Water.
  • Reverse osmosis (RO) - Technically low TDS, with gas composition depending on the source water and whether the RO system includes a degasser unit. It is advised to avoid RO systems which degas the water, since this will negatively impact the brewing. If degassed water is used, then the final brew water should be aerated through some form agitation before brewing. For example, pouring from a height into the kettle before brewing, shaking it in a bottle, etc. A high amount of aeration is not needed, but some can help. It is highly recommended to put any RO water through a Zero Water filter or other means of deionization to achieve absolute zero TDS for use with this water recipe. Please check all RO sources with any cheap TDS meter to ensure it reads 0 ppm before using it to dilute Truth Serum.

3) Which type of zero TDS water should I use?

Try every source available to you. Not all sources of a given type of zero TDS water are created equal, and the source is make-or-break for the experience. The recommended long-term solution for zero TDS water is an under-sink reverse osmosis -> deionization setup, using your tap water as the source.

4) How should the concentrates be stored?

Refrigerate all concentrates to preserve freshness.

5) Why not concentrate the recipe higher than 5x?

Truth Serum cannot be concentrated higher than 5x without significant degradation to the quality and consistency of the recipe in the days following its production, as a result of mineral precipitation.

6) What makes Truth Serum different from mineral packet brands?

Truth Serum's liquid form factor allows for ratios of ions not possible with dry mineral packets, which must omit certain minerals in order to dissolve properly.