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Untitled is a specially formulated mineral water for brewing tea and coffee, aiming to exemplify the core features I value in natural waters.



To prepare the brewing water, mix 1 part concentrate with 3 parts zero TDS water, by weight or volume. For example, mix together 250mL concentrate and 750mL zero TDS water to produce 1 liter of brewing water. To preserve freshness, refrigerate the concentrate upon arrival.


What is zero TDS water?

Zero TDS water is water that contains no dissolved solids, especially in the form of minerals. Using zero TDS water to dilute the Untitled concentrate is the only way to ensure the correct mineral composition of the resulting brew water.

What types of zero TDS water are there?

  • Deionized - Zero TDS, with natural gases left intact. Ideal.
  • Distilled - Zero TDS, but with altered gas composition, which can result in subpar taste. Lots of variation between brands, so try many.
  • Reverse osmosis - Technically low TDS, with natural gases left intact. Lots of variation between sources, so try many.

Which type of zero TDS water should I use?

Try every source available to you. Not all sources of a given type of zero TDS water are created equal, and the source is make-or-break for the experience. The recommended long-term solution for 0 TDS water is an under-sink reverse osmosis -> deionization setup, using your tap water as the source.

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