Weekly Recap #1: Things Moving Forward

Weekly Recap #1: Things Moving Forward

This is the first ever weekly recap! In the future, these should come out by evening time on Sundays (pacific time), but better late than never.

Since this is the first recap, I'll go back a little further than just this past week.

Recent Highlights

1. empirical water is now active on social media. For now, I have some photography practice uploaded, and meanwhile I'm gearing up to make some killer content. So give empirical water a follow to be ready: Instagram, YouTube

2. I'm working on a new water recipe, my first ever high TDS mix. I have no idea what to call it, so I'm open to name suggestions.

3. At long last, I have prepared the art for the brand, including the logo and the new labels, pictured above. They are getting printed at this very moment. Fun fact: The new labels for empirical water are made out of a paper alternative called TerraSkin — A material that's 80% calcium carbonate by mass — The same key ingredient in empirical water. The goal for the art was to keep the design fun, not too complicated, and a bit unique. Was I successful?

4. Version 1.5 of empirical water is on the verge of release.

5. The new referral system was set up. Most coffee and tea enthusiasts don't know about empirical water, so if you decide to use this feature, it helps the project out a lot.

6. A pure calcium carbonate concentrate will be released soon. This is a concentrate that you can combine with any other coffee or tea brew water product on the market, or even your own custom mineral mix, to boost it with the properties of calcium carbonate.

Till next time!


Arby Avanesian

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