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Experience unprecedented sweetness, clarity and aromatics in coffee & tea.



So what is it?

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1. The Original Calcium Carbonate Water for Brewing Coffee & Tea

empirical water is the first (and only) brewing water on the market to incorporate calcium carbonate — The #1 most important mineral for amazing brewing characteristics.

It comes in the form of a liquid mineral concentrate, designed to be diluted with distilled or deionized water.

2. Inspired by Nature

Empirical Water is inspired by the world's finest natural mineral waters.

3. Perfected Empirically

We believe the role of brewing water is to make the isolation of desirable attributes like sweetness, clarity, aromatics, texture, and aftertaste as effortless as breathing.

The mineral composition of Empirical Water is dialed in to tenths of a mg/L for marvelous brewing performance.

4. Versatile

Empirical Water is customizable to cater to differences in individual preference and use case, and comes in two Editions: Coffee Edition and Tea Edition.

Both Editions have been designed with the same underlying approach and can brew both coffee and tea well.

5. Perpetually Updated

We actively develop Empirical Water on a daily basis. As long as the developer is alive and well, this will remain constant.

Check out the Release Notes to get a look at how the water has evolved.

6. Actively Supported

We constantly use feedback to improve the product and user experience. The developer is always here to listen, collect input and answer your questions. Peep the chat feature, bottom right.

7. A Passion Project

The goal has always been to spread our enjoyment of coffee & tea to other enthusiasts around the world.

It's an honor to make empirical water available to the public.

8. Sustainable

We are committed to being as friendly as possible to the environment.

As a result, we ship all brew water and concentrates in glass bottles.

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