The Empirical Coffee Cupping Method

The Empirical Coffee Cupping Method

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This is the recommended coffee brewing method for those just getting acquainted with empirical water. Just placed your first order? Start here.


  • Maximize richness and emphasize thick texture.


    • Ratio: 1:15

    • Grind: Medium-fine.

    • Temperature: Rolling boil for the first trial, as a control. Adjust temperature as desired for subsequent trials.

    • Brewer: Ceramic cup or mug - To absorb heat from the brew.


    1. Pour the grounds into the ceramic cup or mug.

    2. Pour the boiling water directly at the coffee grounds using a slow pour rate, in order to wet and degas all coffee evenly. Aim at the dark spots and maintain a slow pour for the full volume.

    3. Sink any floating grounds with a WDT tool, then skim the surface for remaining debris with a spoon.

    4. Just before the brew is cool enough to drink, about 8-10 minutes in, stir the entire brew to thoroughly distribute all the grounds in a temporary suspension. Let sit for a minute, then taste.


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