My name is Arby Avanesian, and it's my personal opinion that improving one's brewing water is the most impactful avenue for improving the resulting coffee and tea.

Over the years, I've come to the conclusion that at great detriment to the community, the main impediment to quality has been a lack of access to truly fantastic brewing water. I did my best to avail the situation by providing free, open-source recipes on my blog, Empirical Tea.

However, my DMs soon began to be flooded with requests to buy packets of my recipes for personal use. That was when I realized that not only was I not alone in wanting an easy solution for good water, there was a legitimate functional void to fill in the community. I found myself at the right place and time, already having a particular set of skills and being asked to use them. So I did!

Enter Empirical Water, the natural culmination of years of dedication to the craft. 

Truth Serum is my offering to all the other folks out there who are so unnecessarily serious about specialty brewing. I hope you'll give my creation a chance to knock your socks off.