Release Notes

May 22, 2024 — SPRING, v1.1

The very first version of the new SPRING profile, nearly double the mineral content of the GLACIAL profile, at a TDS of 157 mg/L.

Thick, resonant, concentrated.

April 19, 2024 — GLACIAL, v1.5 

- Buffer concentration reduced to 85% for more acidity, aftertaste and flavor clarity/intensity.

- The official labels are finished and shipping out.

- TDS looks to be stabilized at 70 mg/L.


December 25, 2023 — GLACIAL, v1.4

- Richness and sweetness substantially increased.

- Texture increased by 50%.

- Experience flavor undertones previously obscured.

- Extraction Booster now available: Achieve even higher levels of flavor definition.

- Brew water mixing method updated for improved flexibility and easier customization.

- Easily the most full-featured version of the water to date. If you've been waiting for the right time to try Empirical Water, that time is now.


November 23, 2023  GLACIAL, v1.3

- Flavor definition increased.

- Acidity and sweetness boosted.

- Aftertaste extended.


July 19, 2023  GLACIAL, v1.2

- All harshness significantly reduced.

- Purity and directness of flavor given a boost.

- Extraction speed slightly reduced.


May 30, 2023  GLACIAL, v1.1

- Rebalanced to improve clarity, sweetness, versatility and neutrality. Improved performance with all styles of coffee.

- Bassy flavors reduced, top notes increased.

- All harshness (bitterness/astringency) reduced, without sacrificing depth. Extract your coffee harder than ever for complex, potent, concentrated brews.

- Concentration increased from 4x to 5x. The Standard version now brews 10 gallons, while the Reformulation brews 20.


April 22, 2023  GLACIAL, v1.0

- Concentrate the desirable flavors more than ever without running into harshness.

- Now suitable for use in espresso boilers, with a Langelier Saturation Index of close to zero. This means it will neither corrode nor form scale deposits in espresso boilers.

- Top notes have taken a step back in the mix, and will be given a boost in the next iteration.

- Slight boost in mouthfeel.


August 7, 2022  Untitled (GLACIAL, early version)

- After many iterations under various names dating all the way back to 2018, the recipe has been made available for purchase.