Weekly Recap #2: Upcoming Releases

Weekly Recap #2: Upcoming Releases

Highlights from last Week


empirical water continues to be active on social media. Make sure you follow us on Instagram @empiricalwater, because as of this moment, I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to making content, so it's going to be super entertaining for y'all to watch me flounder. Goofiness shall ensue.

P.S. The algorithm hates us right now, so please help out the project with some likes and post saves.


The high TDS water mix is getting closer! Requesting name ideas, as "High TDS Madness" is currently the only one I can think of.


Version 1.5 of empirical water is still on the verge of release. It will feature an adjusted buffer for better clarity and acidity, and the new labels which are set to arrive and ship out starting April 18th.


The new referral system is still active. Most coffee and tea enthusiasts have no idea empirical water is available to them, so if you decide to use this feature, it helps the project out a lot!


The pure calcium carbonate concentrate is now available at special request. Add a note to your order and we'll go from there. You can add this concentrate to any brew water in existence for an improvement to overall sensory characteristics.

Till next time!


Arby Avanesian

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