April 2024 Recap: v1.5 released, open source

April 2024 Recap: v1.5 released, open source

This is the 3rd ever recap! Switching to a monthly frequency going forward.

Highlights from the Month


empirical water is now open source

"You mean you're just... giving the whole recipe away?"

I'm not one to hoard secrets for myself, and would like to benefit specialty coffee consumers in the one way I can: through bangin' brew water.

By giving the secrets away, we accelerate the process of raising the standard for brew water throughout the specialty coffee industry.

So, you heard it here first: Calcium carbonate based brew water, inspired by natural spring and glacial water, is headed to become a mainstay in specialty coffee over the long term. This is ultimately a good thing for all consumers of specialty coffee who are concerned with quality.

If you know anyone who's into making DIY brew water, they might be interested in learning about my process, fully detailed in this article.


empirical water v1.5 released

If you've tried it, you understand when I describe it as seriously dialed in. The water has settled at a TDS of 70 mg/L. The recipe is maxed out in quality at its current TDS, so expect no changes to this recipe for a very long time.



New photography coming soon

I've sent my product to three different talented photographers. expect to see some pretty product photos by the end of May.


Till next time!


Arby Avanesian

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