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empirical water — Brew Water Sample

empirical water — Brew Water Sample

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An open source project developed by Arby Avanesian.

    empirical water GLACIAL is a comprehensive mineral profile for brewing any coffee or tea, inspired by glacial water. empirical water is the only brew water on the market to make use of paradigm-shifting minerals like calcium carbonate and silica.

    GLACIAL Profile: Harmonious, balanced, versatile.

    TDS: 70 mg/L


    1. Large sweet spot — Dial into a bigger sweet spot, courtesy of calcium carbonate.
    2. Adjustable for any roast — Your sample consists of the default version of the water, meant for light roasts. (Leave an order note to request otherwise.)
    3. Clean depth — Mute funky off-notes without reducing desirable flavors.
    4. Espresso AND filter-friendly — Barely scale-forming in the kettle. Descale your espresso machine once every 1000 shots pulled.

    USA ONLY! Concentrate orders ship worldwide.

    What's in the box?

    Your order contains:

    • Brew water — Comes in a 1 liter bottle. Ready to use, just pour into your kettle, heat up, and brew.
    • Mixing Bottle Label — Convert your Sample bottle into a Dedicated Mixing Bottle for use with future orders of concentrate. Only applies to GLACIAL profile, for now.
    • Info Card — For handy instructions, social media info and contact info for feedback.
    • Business Card — Includes the developer's personal phone number, email address, social media handle and subreddit.
    • 2 Stickers empirical water icon and wordmark.


    Your order contains ready-made brew water. Simply pour the brew water into your kettle, heat up, and brew.

    Mineral Composition

    GLACIAL, v1.5

    Harmonious, balanced, versatile.

    TDS: 70 mg/L

    SPRING, v1.1

    Thick, resonant, concentrated.

    TDS: 157 mg/L


    Deionized water, sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, magnesium sulfate, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, potassium bicarbonate.

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    Bonuses with your order

    1-on-1 Brewing Guidance

    When you're accustomed to brewing with the same water for a long time, it can be disorienting to make a switch - especially when the new water is unlike anything else on the market. That's why as the developer, I'm offering my time to personally assist you in bringing the best out of your coffee or tea with Empirical Water.

    Guidance includes:

    • 1-on-1 Brewing Consultations — Your order confirmation includes my personal contact information. From then on, I'll be available 7 days a week to personally help you every step of the way to brew the best coffee or tea you've ever tasted. Text (or email) me about how your brews are going, and I'll be there to help you unleash the full potential of your brews.
    • Brew Video Analysis — Record your brew using your phone camera and send it over. I'll analyze your brew, help you figure out what's going wrong, and explain how to fix it.

    Official Discord Access

    Water is the most impactful brewing variable. So when you keep the water constant between your setup and someone else's, you gain the advantage of having truly consistent and valuable conversations around coffee.

    In the empirical water Discord, you'll find people who brew similar coffees with similar brewing methods using the same water. There, you can directly copy already-perfected brew recipes with immediate success — for instantly dialed-in brews.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    Jake Davis

    I have been using TWW for some time now. I ordered a sample of the Empirical’s Spring mix and found myself rediscovering a coffee I had been drinking for week. The Spring mix drew out many subtle notes and it double the cups clarity. I was converted. Highly recommend at least trying this product and I am confident that you will not be disappointed.

    Michael Dericco
    So good

    Out of every water I have tried for tea this is by far the smoothest most drinkable and best for extracting.

    Gregg Gusta
    Definitely give this a try

    I will be buying a concentrate soon. I got the formula 1.5 with extraction boost and.... I forget what the other plus was but it is the one that works for me. Good stuff. Good guy. Good coffee. Try it out.

    A/B Cupping Results

    Just did an A/B cupping of a September coffee using my normal 40/20/20 and empirical and the differences are huge.
    - very upfront acidity
    -low body
    - I find more florals and herbal notes than sweetness with a clear delineation of flavor

    - huge difference in body/mouthfeel
    -very balanced with emphasis on sweetness
    - some florals on initial sip but then goes to more darker fruit characteristics turning it juicy which is different . I find slightly less delineation with more blended flavor presentation.

    They’re both really great and just highlights different attributes of the coffee so I can't say anything about “better” but definitely a viable option to consider .

    J. M.
    Very noticeable improvements

    Great flavor, and very noticeable improvements in terms of texture and length of aftertaste. My tea was noticeably more viscous and oily, which was great. I also noticed a bit less astringency. Arby is doing good work here.

    Ethan Adams
    This is it.

    I’ve been experimenting with water for a while; this formula has everything I’ve been aiming to achieve in a very approachable, user friendly experience. I will be buying this again. Id recommend this to everyone who is trying to elevate their coffee (and tea) experience.

    I'm upset, in a good way

    I'm kinda mad at how much better my tea was with Empirical Water.
    The soup was thicker in a great way. Pulled more from the tea.

    Chaim Adler

    empirical water v1.5

    Fantastic water, unique composition, worth buying!

    Arby's water is unique in the use of CaCO3 and the formulation mechanism. It undeniably has an impact not found in other mineral compositions. The large sweet spot in the brew, the taste, the mouthfeel are all elevated. Astringency is also lowered which is very nice cause it allows me to push extraction without as harsh impacts from accidental astringency.

    This water keeps upgrading with Arby's efforts and I am excited to see where it goes! Currently you can tweak it yourself to taste through the use of varying amounts of booster, buffer, or hardness. Lovely kit, came with everything you need and would recommend giving a shot!

    Danny McMaken

    empirical water v1.5 — Free Sample