Our Signature Coffee Cupping Method

Our Signature Coffee Cupping Method

This is the recommended brewing method for getting acquainted with Empirical Water. Just placed your first order? Start here.


  • Maximize richness and emphasize thick texture.


    • Ratio: 1:15
    • Grind: Medium-fine.
    • Temperature: Rolling boil for the first trial, as a control. Adjust temperature as desired for subsequent trials.
    • Brewer: Ceramic cup or mug - To absorb heat from the brew, allowing for extended brew times with minimal harshness.


    1. Pour the grounds into the ceramic cup or mug.
    2. Pour the boiling water directly at the coffee grounds using a slow pour rate, in order to wet and degas all coffee evenly. Aim at the dark spots and maintain a slow pour for the full volume.
    3. Sink any floating grounds with a spoon, then skim the surface for remaining debris.
    4. Just before the brew is cool enough to drink, about 8-10 minutes in, stir the entire brew to thoroughly distribute all the grounds in a temporary suspension. Let sit for a minute, then taste.


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