The Empirical Coffee Storage Method - DIY!

The Empirical Coffee Storage Method - DIY!

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Let's begin with a rundown of each mechanism of coffee degradation.

1. Oxidation - This is what causes the particular flavor we associate with stale coffee. That itchy bitterness that hangs out in your mouth and throat for many minutes after drinking stale coffee.

2. Aromatic dissipation - Simply the loss of those aromatic compounds that make coffee smell and taste so good. When enough of these compounds are lost the resulting coffee is rather uninspiring, no matter how well it has been brewed.


Storage jars - This is just one option that worked for me. You can use a different size or brand altogether if you'd like.

Electrical tape - For sealing the drilled holes.

Inert gas - When you flush out oxygen with inert gas, argon for example, you stop the oxidation.


  1. Drill a hole into the lid of each jar, so that the argon canister's straw barely fits through.
  2. Fill the jar with coffee and close the lid.
  3. Place a piece of tape over the drilled hole, and unpeel the portion that goes over the hole.
  4. Stick the straw through and spray argon for 1-3 seconds.
  5. Immediately remove the straw and seal over the hole with the tape.
  6. Optionally, store the jar in the freezer to further slow oxidation from any remaining oxygen in the jar.
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