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empirical water AQUIFER, v1.1 — Concentrate

empirical water AQUIFER, v1.1 — Concentrate

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An open source project developed by Arby Avanesian.

    empirical water AQUIFER is a comprehensive mineral profile for brewing any coffee or tea, inspired by aquifer water. empirical water is the only brew water on the market to make use of paradigm-shifting minerals like calcium carbonate and silica.

    AQUIFER Profile: Avant garde. Expect mind-bending sensations.

    TDS: ???


    1. Large sweet spot — Dial into a bigger sweet spot, courtesy of calcium carbonate.
    2. Adjustable for any roast — Your sample consists of the default version of the water, meant for light roasts. (Leave an order note to request otherwise.)
    3. Clean depth — Mute funky off-notes without reducing desirable flavors.
    4. Scale-forming — A feature, not a bug. Experience the far-reaching capabilities of a scale-forming water: Increased depth, complexity and richness.
    5. Silica* — A syrupy sweet mineral that also boosts mouthfeel and aftertaste. *Included in your brew water if selected.

    Dilute with zero TDS water.

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