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Empirical Water v1.4.1

Empirical Water v1.4.1

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Developed by Arby Avanesian - Questions? Let's chat.

Note: This product now ships in glass bottles.

The following visual represents the standards to which you should hold Empirical Water.

Water is king.

After all, it's the lens through which we appreciate specialty coffee & tea. Why not choose the lens that brings it beautifully into focus?

Easily customize the water to accommodate any coffee roast — See Buffer Guide below.

Expect sweetness, clarity and aromatics like you've never experienced.

Dilute with distilled or deionized water.

What makes this water so special?


Hardness and Buffer is included in your order.


To prepare the default 1x brew water,

  1. Mix 50 grams Hardness with 950 grams zero TDS water.
  2. Add 0.50 mL Buffer (B).


To prepare the default 1x brew water,

  1. Mix 100 grams Hardness (H) with 900 grams zero TDS water.
  2. Add 0.50 mL Buffer (B).

Buffer Guide

As a starting point, use:

  • 0.50 mL Buffer for light roast coffee and any tea
  • 0.50 mL x2 Buffer for medium roast coffee
  • 0.50 mL x3 Buffer for dark roast coffee

For higher intensity, use less buffer. For lower intensity, use more buffer. It's recommended to adjust buffer amount in increments of 1 drop.


Empirical Water is the only brew water on the market to incorporate silica, a mineral that occurs naturally in many of the world's finest mineral waters.

Silica boosts sweetness, mouthfeel, and aftertaste.

Some describe the silica sensation as experiencing the sensory characteristics of your brew in slow motion. Aromatics stick around in your nose, mouth and throat for minutes on end.

If selected, silica will be added to your Hardness concentrate.

Extraction Booster

The Extraction Booster (EB) is a dropper bottle of mineral concentrate, designed to help extract ultra light coffee roasts.

The effect is increased flavor intensity and definition.

As a starting point, add 0.25 mL Extraction Booster per liter of 1x brew water. Add up to 0.50 mL for the maximum effect.

Not recommended for brewing tea or darker coffee roasts.

Mineral Composition

All minerals in Empirical Water can be found in natural mineral waters at comparable concentrations.

Ion Amount Present in 1x Empirical Water (mg/L) 
Calcium 9.3
Magnesium 2.8
Chloride 6.9
Sulfate 8.8
Sodium 7.4
Bicarbonate 38.8
TDS 74.0



Hardness: Calcium carbonate, magnesium sulfate, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride.

Buffer: Deionized water, sodium bicarbonate.

Extraction Booster: Deionized water, magnesium sulfate.

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Bonuses with your order

1-on-1 Brewing Guidance

When you're accustomed to brewing with the same water for a long time, it can be disorienting to make a switch - especially when the new water is unlike anything else on the market. That's why as the developer, I'm offering my time to personally assist you in bringing the best out of your coffee or tea with Empirical Water.

Guidance includes:

  • 1-on-1 Brewing Consultations — Your order confirmation includes my personal contact information. From then on, I'll be available 7 days a week to personally help you every step of the way to brew the best coffee or tea you've ever tasted. Text (or email) me about how your brews are going, and I'll be there to help you unleash the full potential of your brews.
  • Brew Video Analysis — Record your brew using your phone camera and send it over. I'll analyze your brew, help you figure out what's going wrong, and explain how to fix it.

Exclusive Discord Access

Water is the most impactful brewing variable. So when you keep the water constant between your setup and someone else's, you gain the advantage of having truly consistent and valuable conversations around coffee.

In the Empirical Water Discord, you'll find people who brew similar coffees with similar brewing methods using the same water. There, you can directly copy already-perfected brew recipes with immediate success — for instantly dialed-in brews.

200% Extra Buffer

All orders come with triple the required amount of buffer.

With extra buffer, you can accomplish two things:

  1. Reduce harshness — Less bitterness and astringency.
  2. Boost texture — For lusciously thick brews.

Extra buffer generally translates to a better experience with medium and darker roasts.


Outbrew Yourself or Pay $0

If Empirical Water isn't producing the best coffee you've ever brewed, we refuse to take your money - And you can keep the product, too.

Less Effort, Better Coffee

Brewing good coffee with Empirical Water is easy. After all, it's specifically designed to draw out sweetness, texture and aromatics from coffee without the potential for bitterness or astringency.

What does this mean for your job as the brewer?

It means you have a larger sweet spot to dial into! You won't have to use up the first quarter of the bag finding a suitable grind, temperature, et cetera. With Empirical Water, coffee tastes good at a wide range of brewing parameters. And when you do get those parameters just right, coffee becomes truly evocative.

Empirical Water gives your brew quality a higher floor, AND a higher ceiling. Brew your coffee with Empirical Water and you'll outbrew yourself, guaranteed.

Same Day Order Fulfillment

Orders submitted by 10 PM Pacific Time will be fulfilled the same day. All orders are shipped through USPS, and picked up the next day, minus Sundays.

Your Business Helps Those in Need

6% of sales are donated to Water for People, a non-profit organization working across nine countries in Latin America, Asia, and Africa to address the global water crisis and equip communities with lasting access to clean water and sanitation services – for Everyone, Forever.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Matthew Witkowski
Very nice minerals

Was having some trouble with my tea/coffee. Both puer and pourover were struggling with depth and I found myself not wanting to explore these further.

I did a little digging, and found James Hoffman talking about the importance of minerality. I decided to give it a shot. I found some other brands, but really wasn’t impressed with the mediocre reviews. Then I found Arby, the person behind this company, writing this absurd blog posts (from like 2018) about how he just found the perfect water formula, and how it only took 20 minerals to recreate it! To an outsider like me, it looked insane, but it made sense that someone passionate about this would have refined their formula to be so complex, because they understood all the variables at play.

Well anyway, I soon found out he actually started his own brand, and I decided to give it a shot. I’m very happy with the product, especially after conducting multiple blind taste tests with myself and the whole family, and seeing how Empirical Water won every time. If you’re actually reading this review, just buy the godamn product it’s like $0.10 per cup (250ml) of coffee, and will improve the taste by a ton.

Softens the edginess of auto drip dark roast coffee

I am no means a cultured coffee aficionado, but I love my very bold dark roast brews at 14.25:1. I use both a cone drip (Brevelle BDC-455) on a strong setting with an unbleached Melita cone filter when rushed and a Chemex pour over with an unbleached Chemex square filter when I am into some time investment, both with the same water/coffee ratios. That being said they are on the bold side. I have used other reminalized water products as well as some home based attempts. With Empirical Water I am finding my brews are more smooth without loss of the flavor boldness. I am using the 1.3 and the 1.4 versions of Empirical Water mixing formulas. I have not adjusted buffer conc. to accommodate the dark roast, that is something to try later, but I am more than satisfied with the results I am getting from the 1.4 ver. Empirical Water! I was skeptical that CaCO3 in an aqueous solution would be so beneficial to the enhanced coffee richness and sweetness, but it really is the key to the best coffee I am brewing. Thank you Arby for all your research and experimentation!

The goal has always been to take my personal enjoyment of coffee and tea, and transfer that to others. It's downright special to hear that calcium carbonate has made the difference for you. Best of luck in your coffee brewing journey!

Jeffrey Gilbert
Underrated variable when it comes to making your coffee taste better

Using a water concentrate such as this is so underrated when it comes to playing with the different variables in your coffee. Typically the focus is on beans, grind size, equipment, and preparation methods (puck prep, pouring technique, etc). Water is rarely thought of, outside of what type of filtered water to use, so when I was given the opportunity to try this I was excited to see what affect it would have on my coffee. And I have to say, it definitely did not disappoint. I noticed right away that my espresso tasted more lively and fruity, thanks to the water bringing those lesser tasting notes to the front and really highlighting the flavors I couldn’t taste before. I also tried it with my pour over and really enjoyed the taste as well.

I highly recommend giving this a try and letting the results speak for themselves. This is one part of your coffee that you don’t need to spend the time perfecting, like you have to do with other variables, such as grind size or distribution technique. You just add your water to the included bag, put in a measured amount of the hardness and buffer liquids, and you’re ready to go. You won’t take water for granted anymore after using this, I know I don’t.


They were very good about shipping my item quickly! Friendly people to interact with too.

Reviewer avatar
Amazing water for gongfu tea

Guarantee consistent brews with water curated for your needs.

I love the smoothness, the ease of swallowing, the extension and clarity of aftertaste. Empirical Water is a beautiful water that has reinvigorated my tea experience.


A significant step up in clarity of flavor and texture for my home pour over coffee setup compared to similar water mineral treatments on the market. Wonderful!

Istvan Erdelyi
Best water on the market for coffee

Water is more important for bringing out coffee's flavor characteristics than any other variable (more than grinders and brewers), and Empirical Water by far outperforms any of the other popular brands on the market. So much greater complexity and intensity, with bag notes clearly presented to the forefront.

Tom Zheng
Absolute must have for good tea!

I thought I was being a bit ridiculous buying special water for tea but my god it's 100% worth it. Completely changes the experience - if you have high quality tea it's a must have. Absolutely night and day difference.

Evan Evan Patamia
Excellent for any kind of tea

I have tasted most of the revisions, from untitled to Empirical Water v1.2, while I cannot say my palate is fine tuned enough to describe the difference between them, the impact on tea is clearly apparent between this and my unfortunately lacking filtered tap water. Consumer beware! Drinking daily with Empirical Water may result in the realization that the water you were using was actually not that good in the first place! Truly an awesome product, and I advise any serious tea head try this formulation!

Thomas Williams
Easy Peasy

I love this product. I use the Reformulation, to save cost, and mix up my 5x concentrate. I use a large pitcher 1 part concentrate 4 parts Zero water, literally takes 1 minute to have brew water for the day across all my devices. Why not?!!