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Empirical Water v1.3

Empirical Water v1.3


Love Empirical Water or get your money back, stat.

Developed by Arby Avanesian - Questions? Let's chat.

"Water is king."

After all, it's the lens through which we appreciate specialty coffee & tea. Why not choose the lens that brings it all beautifully into focus?

Easily customize the water to accommodate any coffee roast, tea category, and brew method (see Buffer Guide).

Expect sweetness, clarity and aromatics like you've never experienced.

Just dilute with distilled or deionized water.


To prepare a gallon of 1x brewing water,

  1. Measure 355 grams of Hardness (H) concentrate into the 1x bag.
  2. Add 0.75 mL Buffer (B) concentrate.
  3. Hold the bag by the neck, allowing it to expand, and fill up to the black line with zero TDS water. Total weight of bag + water should equal 3845 grams without the lid on.
  4. Optionally, refer to the Buffer Guide.

Store the dropper bottle at room temperature.

Mineral Composition

All minerals used can be found in natural mineral waters at comparable concentrations.

Buffer Guide

The more buffer used, the lower the intensity of the extraction.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
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Amazing water for gongfu tea

Guarantee consistent brews with water curated for your needs.

I love the smoothness, the ease of swallowing, the extension and clarity of aftertaste. Empirical Water is a beautiful water that has reinvigorated my tea experience.


A significant step up in clarity of flavor and texture for my home pour over coffee setup compared to similar water mineral treatments on the market. Wonderful!

Istvan Erdelyi
Best water on the market for coffee

Water is more important for bringing out coffee's flavor characteristics than any other variable (more than grinders and brewers), and Empirical Water by far outperforms any of the other popular brands on the market. So much greater complexity and intensity, with bag notes clearly presented to the forefront.

Tom Zheng
Absolute must have for good tea!

I thought I was being a bit ridiculous buying special water for tea but my god it's 100% worth it. Completely changes the experience - if you have high quality tea it's a must have. Absolutely night and day difference.

Evan Evan Patamia
Excellent for any kind of tea

I have tasted most of the revisions, from untitled to Empirical Water v1.2, while I cannot say my palate is fine tuned enough to describe the difference between them, the impact on tea is clearly apparent between this and my unfortunately lacking filtered tap water. Consumer beware! Drinking daily with Empirical Water may result in the realization that the water you were using was actually not that good in the first place! Truly an awesome product, and I advise any serious tea head try this formulation!

Thomas Williams
Easy Peasy

I love this product. I use the Reformulation, to save cost, and mix up my 5x concentrate. I use a large pitcher 1 part concentrate 4 parts Zero water, literally takes 1 minute to have brew water for the day across all my devices. Why not?!!

Better price, quality, and sustainability than any bottled water I've tried

As someone who has gone deep down the tea rabbit hole recently, water has definitely made the biggest quality difference out of everything I've experimented with. I've tried different filtered and bottled waters, and this water is by far the best I've tried. Good teas become sweeter, richer, and more complex, and even lower quality teas have many of their undesirable traits dampened. Cheaper and better for the environment than buying plastic gallon bottles each week—win/win.

Must have for getting the most out of your tea

You haven't really tried your tea until you've tried it with this water. I used to think that there couldn't be a substantial improvement over filtered or, better yet, spring water; however, I was wrong. Trying teas I've had for a long time using this water was like trying a new, improved tea. Some teas that I'd found too weak or unpalatable before became flavorful or enjoyable.
I'd recommend giving it a try at least once, especially with teas that you thought weren't as good as you expected from the quality.

Love Empirical Water or get your money back, stat.